Best Milk Frothing Pitcher – Guide & Reviews

If you are a big fan of coffee and you love to drink lattes, then you may know the importance of having a milk frothing pitcher at your disposal because there is so much that you can do with it!

If you are in the market and looking for a milk frothing pitcher, then you’ll have no problem finding the right one after you read this post as you are going to find five product reviews that detail what the best milk frothing pitchers are!

Whether you’re looking for one to just help make your drinks or you want one to try and attempt some latte art, one of the products reviewed below are sure to fit your needs! Be sure to take some time and review all of the different features before making your decision on which one to purchase.

Best Milk Frothing Pitcher

Recommended Best Milk Frothing Pitcher Reviews

1. Komax Tritan Pitcher, 64 Ounce

Komax Tritan Pitcher, 64 Ounce, Green Lid (Set of 2)

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While most of the products that you’re going to see reviewed on this particular post are going to be stainless steel pitchers dedicated strictly to milk frothing,

The Komax Tritan Pitcher offers the ability to do that but you can also do so much more with it because it is more than just a frothing pitcher.

As a matter of fact, this pitcher can be used for just about anything you might need it for!

The nicest feature of the Komax Tritan Pitcher is the fact that it is made with plastic, yet it is a BPA-free, eco-friendly material plastic so that you won’t have to worry about potentially harming yourself by leaving liquid in the plastic container for a long period of time.

Because of this, you will enjoy tasting exactly what your beverage is supposed to taste like, not the annoying plastic taste that a lot of pitchers leave behind.

This pitcher measures approximately 9 inches high and has a 64 ounce capacity, making it perfect to hold just about anything you might need it to hold. With a square bottom, a transparent pitcher and a flat lid, you’ll have no problem finding a place to put this pitcher in your fridge.

To add an even better feature to this product, you’ll love knowing that the pitcher is dishwasher safe, so if you want to use it for something messy, it can be cleaned up with ease!

2. Rattleware 20-Ounce Milk Frothing Pitcher

Rattleware 20-Ounce Latte Art Milk Frothing Pitcher

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When you start to think of a traditional milk frothing pitcher that you would see used in a lot of coffee shops around the country, you’re probably picturing something very similar to the Rattleware Milk Frothing Pitcher.

This pitcher is exactly what you would expect to get out of a milk frothing pitcher and it’s the perfect choice for a wide variety of activities.

The Rattleware Milk Frothing Pitcher features the popular style and size of most pitchers and features a 20 ounce capacity which makes it ideal for both commercial and domestic use. It is made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel and the unit as a whole is relatively small because it measures only 3.25 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall.

One of the most popular trends in lattes and coffee is to make art on the top of the cup of coffee or the latte you serve. With the Rattleware Milk Frothing Pitcher, that is simple and easy to do thanks to the tapered spout on the end of the pitcher!

This helps makes it easy to pour the milk precisely and perfectly to create some awesome art on the latte you plan on serving or drinking for yourself. This particular pitcher, and most other pitchers that you’ll see, would make the perfect gift for anybody who loves coffee.

3. Espro Toroid2 12 Ounce Steaming Pitcher

Espro Toroid2 12 Ounce Stainless Steel Steaming Pitcher

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If you want a smaller milk frothing pitcher that is going to get the job done while performing at a high level, the Espro Toroid2 Steaming Pitcher might be the perfect one for you.

It comes in both a 12 ounce and a 20 ounce version, but for the sake of this particular review, I’ll strictly reference the 12 ounce version.

The Espro Toroid2 Steaming Pitcher is designed so that the walls and bases have the right curve to circulate the milk inside of the pitcher. This helps direct the milk flow to the walls of the pitcher.

When you go to steam the milk, simply aim at the bump in the center of the pitcher and you will create the perfect steaming effect. Additionally, this pitcher features an improved and sharper spout so that you can easily draw both milk and milk foam together to help pour it with the greatest detail yet.

The large, ergonomic handle on the Espro Toroid2 Steaming Pitcher makes it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to put great detail into their latte art because it gives you outstanding control and is comfortable in your hand.

No matter how hard or often you use the pitcher, you won’t ever have to worry about the handle falling of since it is attached by six different welding points. Lastly, the patented fill lines inside of the pitcher make it simple to measure out the right amount of milk every time so you don’t have to worry about wasting.

4. SMART PITCHER Espresso Frothing Pitcher

SMART PITCHER Espresso Coffee Milk Frothing Pitcher

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If you want to find a pitcher that is smart enough to tell you exactly what the temperature of your milk inside is, then the Smart PItcher Milk Frothing Pitcher is probably going to be the pitcher for you.

This particular pitcher has a thermometer, the Thermo-Indicator, on the side of the pitcher to help indicate to you what the temperature is based on the color coded system established.

The Smart PItcher Milk Frothing Pitcher is designed so that you can make sure you get the optimal milk temperature each and every time you go to use this pitcher.

The Thermo-indicator on the side features micro indicating capsules that will turn a certain color to indicate to you what the temperature is on the inside of the pitcher. No longer will you have to worry about using a thermometer to tell the temperature and you won’t have to use your hand to try and get a feel for what the temperature is.

Lastly, the Smart PItcher Milk Frothing Pitcher is extremely durable and is capable of holding up to the conditions it might face in both a commercial or a residential use. It is available in both a 12 ounce, 20 ounce and a 32 ounce, so you can be sure to find the perfect size pitcher based on your needs.

5. Rattleware 12-Ounce Milk Frothing Pitcher

Rattleware 12-Ounce Macchiato Milk Frothing Pitcher

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Perhaps you’re the type of person that could care less about all the bells and whistles that come of these milk frothing pitchers offer and you just want something that is simple and easy to use.

If that’s the case for you, then the Rattleware 12-Ounce Frothing Pitcher might be your best choice out of this entire review post.

It is designed with complete stainless steel construction to make sure that it will stay strong and durable throughout the duration of your use. Additionally, the stainless steel material makes it perfect to steam the milk evenly and consistently.

One of the nicest features about the Rattleware 12-Ounce Frothing Pitcher and some of the other pitchers that I have discussed above, is the pouring spout on the end that helps make it easy for you to use it for latte art if you choose to do so.

There are some people that will purchase this just to use for making lattes, and that’s okay! But for those of you that wish to use this pitcher in order to make art on top of your lattes, the tapered spout will make this ideal for accurate and precise art.

If you do decide to purchase this particular milk frothing pitcher, it’s important to note that the suggested thermometer length would be about five inches. Of course, you could always use something longer if you want to, but it would be difficult to go to anything less than the recommended five inches.

Final Verdict

There are plenty of different milk frothing pitchers on the market and trying to decide which one you should buy can be tough because each is a little bit different.

If you are looking for a small one that can easily be stored away or you want a bigger one so you can make coffee for a lot of people at your business, one of the products reviewed above are hopefully going to meet your needs.

After you carefully review the details of each one, you’ll be well on your way to purchasing your milk frothing pitcher.

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